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What is Collaborative Intelligence?

Collaborative intelligence is a new systematic approach that connects teams to unlock their genius — taking insights and ideas from possibility to reality.

The Principles of Collaborative Intelligence


People are greater
together than apart.

Teams accomplish more because
they are something more.

Teams can't exist without connection.

A team forms with commitment &
trust — and not an org chart.

Collaboration should not be left to chance.

Make teamwork intentional —
through collaboration design.

Collaboration spaces power connected teams.

The office is an obsolete solution
to the collaboration problem.

Measuring collaboration is possible — and essential.

You can't improve what you
don't know is broken.

Solving disconnection
starts here.

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The Principles of Collaborative Intelligence: Reimagining how teams work together

It will never be enough to bring the brightest minds together and hope for the best. By capturing ideas and measuring teamwork, collaborative intelligence helps us go from start to finish and collaborate with confidence.

Nico Valencia
Head of Innovation, Intuit

The Impact of Collaborative Intelligence

Collaborative intelligence helps you create a culture of effective collaboration where everyone is connected, contributing, and empowered to deliver business-driving outcomes.


Learn the skills of collaboration design to bring purpose and intention to the collaboration process.


Create collaboration spaces that empower every team member to participate and innovate.


Grow innovation capacity with more engaged teams and gain insight into how your teams are connecting.

The MURAL Collaborative
Intelligence System™

Learn everything you need to know about the Collaborative Intelligence System and why it empowers your team to collaborate with confidence.

Collaboration Design Institute™

Develop your collaboration design skills.

With the acquisition of LUMA Institute, a world-renowned pioneer in equipping individuals, teams, and organizations to be more human-centered, collaborative, and innovative, MURAL takes a pivotal first step toward introducing our Collaboration Design Institute. This exciting new offering will elevate the emerging business discipline of collaboration design with education and certification on proven methods, recipes, and best practices. 

Collaboration Spaces

Work with your team in a common space.

At the center of our Collaborative Intelligence System is our collaboration space called a mural, where teams work together in real time or asynchronously with the support of guided methods, facilitation features, and advanced visual collaboration capabilities. 

Collaboration Center

Access personalized resources.

The collaboration center includes access to collaboration spaces, personalized learning resources, and guided method recommendations.

Collaboration Insights™

Measure and improve teamwork over time.

Drawing on qualitative and quantitative data from a variety of sources, Collaboration Insights will offer actionable intelligence for leaders to measure and improve collaboration at every level — from individuals, across teams, and throughout the entire enterprise. 

Workflows + Guided Methods

Customize solutions for your team.

Workflows and guided methods developed from Agile, design thinking, and LUMA Institute recipes, among others, help all teams unlock solutions tailored to their unique needs and problems.

Community + Consultants

Connect with a passionate network.

MURAL's thriving community of members and consultants go beyond custom, on-demand service offerings to uplift and empower teamwork by sharing best practices, inspiration, and success stories.


Plug into existing workflows.

MURAL is fully integrated with enterprise tech stack tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Slack, and Jira — with many more integrations being developed and an API for building custom solutions.

Enterprise Grade

Deploy advanced enterprise solutions.

MURAL is enterprise-grade, with rigorous security, reliability, compliance, and privacy measures, combined with advanced security and administrative controls — meeting the most stringent IT and regulatory requirements.

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